ThirstBourne is a family enterprise, looking to deliver quality, craft ale from producers in the local area.  It was created by Paul Martin and here’s his story.

I am originally a Stamford lad who after living around the UK, returned to my roots before moving to Ryhall in Rutland and finally settling in Bourne.  After University, I started my career working in the food manufacturing industry.  Coming from a scientific background my career involved focusing on food law and food safety.  This included auditing major brands across Europe.  Whilst this involved plenty of travel and some great laughs, it unfortunately meant spending a lot of time away from my family. 

I’d become used to living in hotels during the week. I was on first name terms with hotel staff in an Alan Partridge kind of way.  Finding myself home during lockdown was a bit of a shock to the system, as the concierge was useless and the table service appalling!  Lockdown gave me a chance to recalibrate and adjust to the new normal.  Part of the new normal was no longer being able to share a quality pint of locally brewed ale in the pub.  Forced to stay local, I rediscovered the wealth of quality food and drink producers on our doorstep, however, unless you knew a brewer, that quality pint was hard to come by. My aim is to change that in a sustainable way.

In my opinion you will not get a better pint than a cask conditioned ale from the hand pump of a decent pub.  So if you can, you should go to the pub, as they need your support now more than ever. If you can’t be in the pub and want a drink at home then the next best thing is a bottle of hand crafted beer, but these aren’t readily available in supermarkets. Although many of the beers on the supermarket shelf are labelled “craft”, you can’t make beer at supermarket prices unless you do it on a colossal scale and to me that is about as “crafty” as Coke or Pepsi.  I have always had a long term goal of working with beer, as I am genuinely fascinated by beer and the brewing process.  The obvious conclusion was to set up a locally produced craft beer delivery service – three months later ThirstBourne was ready to launch.   

As for the name ThirstBourne; you can’t set up a new business in Bourne without including some kind of “Bourne” pun.  So born of thirst, ThirstBourne was born!

Whilst sourcing the beers, we have discovered the personalities of the breweries and the history of the beers.  ThirstBourne will provide a quality pint, whilst sharing its unique story, and suggest ways to enhance the drinking experience.  We hope you enjoy drinking and discovering with us.