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Beer with Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Beer is principally derived from cereal crops and the only living thing involved in the whole process is the Yeast. The question of a beer being Vegetarian and Vegan friendly usually relies on the use of lactose (as a sugar e.g. milk stouts) or the fining agent Isinglass. Isinglass is a processing aid that is derived from the swim bladder of fish. This has been traditionally used to clear (or “fine”) beer by coagulating yeast cells allowing them to fall out of suspension. For this reason many beers are not strictly vegetarian or vegan. There are other fining agents available such as silica gels and whilst arguably not as efficient as Isinglass, they do result in a product that is free from animal derived ingredients. Products that are suitable for vegan diets are clearly labelled on the website and you can also apply a filter on the shop page to only show these products.

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