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Brewster's Brewery - Keller Lager 440ml

Brewery Description

Keller Biers are normally consumed direct from the cellar of the brewery in Germany. After being lagered (stored) in the brewery they are traditionally served unpasteurised and with a low carbonation like that of a British cask conditioned beer.

Brewster’s Keller Lager is based on the German Keller style in that it is an easy drinking unpasteurised session lager. The gentle carbonation helps it compliment lots of different foods without being overly gassy.

ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This straw coloured lager poured with a short white head. The aroma was delicate with fruity notes and a hint of cider. The malt sweetness was low resulting in a refreshing clean beer. The carbonation was lower than a typical lager but sufficient to put a tingle on the tongue so ideal if you plan to have a few.


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Gluten-Free / Vegan