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Round Corner Brewing - Mackinaw American Brown Ale 330ml

Brewery Description

This American Brown ale, with its 7 malt and 3 hop varieties (Cascade, Amarillo and Crystal), has luscious malt characteristics of chocolate, nutty caramel and dates.  Balanced by citrus and marmalade characteristics of the US hops.  Bitter and malty.  Winter greatness….just like the Mackinaw cloth it is named for.  A fabric, like our own Melton Cloth, which has clad workers and fashionistas across the ages.  Mackinaw and Melton.  Here’s to common roots and shared dreams.


ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This brown ale poured clear with fluffy light brown head. The aroma was delicate coffee and chocolate which continued in to the flavour profile. There was a moderate hop bitterness, medium malt sweetness and a good creamy body. This was an easy drinking, well balanced brown ale.


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