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Brewster's Brewery - Boutique Belgique 440ml

Brewery Description

This beer combines classic Belgian yeast flavours of fruit and spiciness, balanced with candi sugar and whole plums, to give a fruity complexity. The hops are chosen to allow the yeast and fruit to take centre stage and the result is something really quite special.

ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This light amber beer poured clear with a light white head. The aroma was citrus (orange) with a delicate clove and cinnamon notes. The flavour was well balanced with fruit and Belgian spice alongside a savoury malt profile. The mouthfeel is soft and carbonation tingles the tongue. There finish is dry and it is in the aftertaste that the plum and berry flavours arrive. A very nice well-presented beer.


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Gluten-Free / Vegan