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Hopshackle Brewery - Imperial Stout 275ml

Brewery Description

This is the second of the “aged beers” produced by the brewery. It is a jet black beer, with strong aromas of expresso coffee with flavours of creamy malt, coffee, chocolate, herbal hops and a bittersweet finish with a hint of liquorice. It is dedicated to the memory of the breweries that once produced this style of beer in vast quantities for export to the Baltic States via the North Sea.

This beer is featured in Roger Protz book “300 More Beers To Try Before You Die”.


ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This beer poured black with a stable creamy head. The aroma was alcohol and stewed fig, prune and raisin. There was a noticeable kick from this 9.5% stout but with a pleasant sweetness and dried fruit flavour it did not seem out of place. This full bodied ale finishes with a bit of a sherry note. An excellent fireside companion.


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Gluten-Free / Vegan

Contains Gluten and Non Vegan


Porters, Stouts and Milds, Strong Ales