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KCB - 5C 500ml

Brewery Description


5C craft beer is brewed in King’s Cliffe in the county of Northamptonshire, but travel a short distance in any direction and you’ll find yourself in one of the four counties of Rutland, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire. And so 5C was named.

5C has quickly become a KCB favourite, undoubtedly because the golden colour, gentle hoppy taste and clean, refreshing finish has wide appeal. At 3.8% ABV it’s a perfect “session” beer.


ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This pale beer pours clear with a good fluffy head and fast rising bubbles. There is a subtle aroma of apple and citrus from the hops and a bready note from the malt. The flavour is fruity with low malt sweetness. There is an assertive hop bitterness which drives a dry finish. At 3.8% this makes a good choice for a light session beer.


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