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KCB - 66° 500ml

Brewery Description


66° is the temperature at which we steep the grist and it is this application of science which allows us to extract exactly the right amount of sugars from the malted barley. The art of brewing is in the choice and blend of the hops and malt. 66° has a slight sweetness and floral aroma from the Challenger hop and an underlying maltiness from three different types of malt. All providing enough body to balance the 4.6% ABV.


ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This light brown ale was highly carbonated and lively coming out of the bottle but this did not disturb the sediment so it poured clear with a loose head. The aroma was excellent with zesty clementine, grapefruit, resin and clove. The flavour from the hops was resinous with a moderate hop bitterness aftertaste. The malts provided biscuit notes but with a relatively low malt sweetness. The body was soft and with good balance overall making this a very drinkable ale.


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Bitters and Brown Ales

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