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Newby Wyke Brewery - HMS Queen Elizabeth 500ml

Brewery Description

This golden ale is balanced with an infusion of fruit and hops. Dangerously drinkable!

ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

Brewed and supplied for the crew of the Royal Navy’s flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth. This gold / light amber beer poured clear with stable cream coloured head. The aroma was spicy hops with biscuit from the malt. There were citrus (particularly grapefruit) and fruity flavours from the hops with a moderate to high hop bitterness. There were delicate biscuit and caramel notes from the malt and a hint of white pepper. The body was soft with medium high carbonation that resulted in a smooth mouthfeel. The 6% ABV is barely noticeable in this well balanced beer so we agree that it is dangerously drinkable.


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Alcohol By Volume



Amber, Gold

Gluten-Free / Vegan

Contains Gluten and Non Vegan


Golden Ales, Strong Ales