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Baz's Bonce Blower 500ml

Brewery Description

Dark red amber beer with toffee, caramel and liquorish aroma. Long lingering truffle explosion leaving a warm glow. Possibly the strongest traditionally brewed beer in a bottle in Britain. Because of the strength of this beer, it is recommended to treat it with the greatest respect! Drink sensibly

ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This dark brown beer poured clear with little head. The aroma was strong alcohol and pear drops. It smells dangerous! We let it breathe for a few minutes! Once it had settled a bit there were toffee apple aromas and some of the sweetness started to come through. There is a strong alcohol flavour and the overall impression was similar to a tawny port. Be careful with this one, it is ridiculously strong.


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Gluten-Free / Vegan

Contains Gluten and Non Vegan


Speciality, Strong Ales