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Round Corner Brewing - Fuggling Helles Lager 330ml

Brewery Description

Fuggling Hell! A real Helles style lager but brewed with English noble hop – the much under rated Fuggles. Bready malt notes with soft  fuggles bitterness create a balance rarely matched. Light Hop aroma of herbal and slight spice combined with German Malts provide a delicate a morish lager.

ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This pale lager poured clear with medium carbonation. The aroma was herbal, bready and slightly irony with identifiable fuggles aroma. The hop flavour was fruity and herbal with moderate hop bitterness. There was a restrained caramel flavour from malt but a detectable sweetness. This is an interesting blend of the traditional fuggles ale hop in a lager setting and testament to the brewing, you can taste both so mission accomplished.


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