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Round Corner Brewing - Steeplechase Pale Ale 330ml

Brewery Description

A sumptuous orange hue provided by a base of the finest English barley malts builds a level of sweet malt complexity that is well balanced with English, New Zealand and US hops. Juicy hop aromas of oranges, tropical fruit and citrus orchards lead to a very pleasing bitterness and cleansing finish.

ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This copper coloured beer pours clear with good head retention and visible bubbles from the carbonation. Predominantly an apricot/citrus fruit aroma from the hops with caramel from the malt giving the overall impression of a marmalade. The flavour was as per the aroma but with a bit of a resinous flavour from the robust hopping. The beer had a medium finish with an aftertaste marmalade and strong new world hop bitterness. Refreshing.


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Gluten-Free / Vegan

Contains Gluten and Non Vegan


Pale Ales and IPA