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Grainstore Brewery - Gold 500ml

Brewery Description


A refreshing, light golden brew, whose flavour is a complex blend of mellow malt sweetness finely balanced against a subtle floral aroma and smooth bitterness.


Introduced into the range in 1997 as our Summer seasonal ale, Gold has gone on to be our most frequently requested ale when it does not feature on the bar at the Brewery Tap!


As the name suggests it is a beautiful golden colour, and is best enjoyed whilst sitting in a beer garden during the summer.


After 18 years, in 2015, we finally introduced Gold into our bottled beer range to popular acclaim, with the first production run selling out in just over a month.


ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This golden ale poured clear with a fine head. The aroma was delicate with sweet caramel and prunes. The flavour is dominated by the sweet malt but with a robust hop bitterness.


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