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Round Corner Brewing - Rotational Dilemma Roggenbier 440ml

Brewery Description

A collaboration beer between Round Corner and Amity Brewing. Named for the dilemma of how best to grow this crop.  Its a rye beer for winter.  Pours dark copper and hazy with aromas of clove, banana and plums.  Fermented with Weizen yeast.  Spiced with Pale, Crystal and Chocolate Rye malt, balanced with a gentle addition of Perle. A comfort beer brewed with love by friends from Melton and Leeds who both love German beer.  Prost

ThirstBourne Tasting Notes

This brown Rye based beer poured hazy with spicy continental wheat beer aromas of banana bread and clove. There is a moderate hop bitterness with a sweet malt base of toasty caramel. The yeast imparts a banana flavour to this full bodied continental style beer.


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Contains Gluten and Non Vegan


Bitters and Brown Ales, Speciality